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New opportunities in tourism for agribusiness

New opportunities in tourism for agribusiness

Posted 26 October 2020

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Anecdotal evidence from rural property holders shows how COVID-19 has actually helped them during the pandemic.

A recent article on Commercial Real Estate outlines how several property holders have been able to diversify and grow their income during the pandemic.

Supplementing traditional farm income with agritourism is helping several landowners through this crisis.

A 2800-hectare sheep and cattle farm in NSW has taken on six casual staff and one full-time staff member to support their accommodation venture. The venture currently brings in a turnover equal to the farm income with an added bonus of a higher profit margin.

Farms with accommodation options are finding people who usually holiday overseas are opting for rural experiences and accommodation options.

In Queensland alone agritourism is forecast to grow to $5 billion by 2030.

With the recent update to the Noosa Plan and changes to short-term accommodation now is the time to review your offering. Even if you are not in the Noosa shire understanding what’s allowed under the zoning laws applicable to you is important if investing in a new venture.

Contact RG Strategic today. Our experienced town planners can help identify the possibilities for your property.

Read Commercial Real Estate’s article “Pandemic helps agritourism boom in many rural areas”.

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