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Founded by Russell Green in 2014, RG Strategic is a full-service business strategy consultancy specialising in town planning, liquor licensing, tourism and events, as well as advocacy and government relations.

Our clients work in a variety of industries, from cafes and restaurants, to retail, accommodation, and office spaces. We look after clients across Australia, with a focus on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Townsville, and New South Wale’s major city of Sydney.

To small and large businesses alike, we offer a complete range of services ensuring all our clients’ problems are solved, goals are reached, and their visions successful. We pride ourselves on an approachable and personable communication style, always checking in with our clients, taking the time to review complex issues and next steps, and fully investing ourselves in each project we take on.

What sets us apart is our emphasis on relationships. These unique relationships – with our clients, with other consultants we collaborate with, and ultimately with key decision-makers of the region – each allow us to have an open dialogue and always achieve a positive outcome for our clients.



“A strong, innovative thinker who has demonstrated an insightful depth of knowledge and leadership on strategy and town planning processes for Noosa and the Sunshine Coast. “
Bob Abbot Mayor Noosa 1997 – 2008, Sunshine Coast 2008 – 2012


Russell Green


As a small business owner for the past five years, and with an additional 16 years’ experience in high-level town planning and tourism roles for local government, Russell is widely respected by the community and government for his demonstrated leadership and knowledge of the town planning, development, hospitality and tourism industries.

While Russell has lived and worked on the Sunshine Coast all his life, he has also travelled extensively during his roles with government councils. Through these experiences, Russell has gained a wide network of contacts across a range of corporate, government, and community sectors in Australia and overseas.

It is with his ‘local boy’ knowledge and this diverse range of contacts that Russell will lead a carefully curated team for your next project. From his public service experience and a lifetime of living in the region, Russell takes pride in being a vocal and supportive advocate for the local people and businesses.

Widely regarded as a man of integrity, Russell is tenacious, proactive and results-focused, and he brings these qualities to every project that RG Strategic takes on.

On a personal note, Russell is also an avid cyclist, dedicated foodie, and claims to be one of Noosa’s biggest espresso critics. His main goal in life is to ensure that his son enjoys living in and loving the same Sunshine Coast that he’s had the privilege to grow and know.

RG Strategic

Russell Green is an experienced consultant specialising in town planning, liquor licensing, tourism and major events, advocacy, and business strategy

Committees and Memberships



Past Experience


Town Planning

  • Head, Statutory and Regional Town Planning Portfolio, Sunshine Coast Council
  • Chair, Strategy and Town Planning Committee, Sunshine Coast Council
  • Member, Noosa Iconic Advisory Panel, Sunshine Coast Council
  • Committee Member, Town Planning Appeals and Prosecution Review Team, Sunshine Coast Council
  • Chair, Environment and Town Planning Committee, Noosa Council
  • Member, South East Queensland Council of Mayors Environment and Sustainability Committee
  • Member, South East Queensland Council of Mayors Regional Plan and Growth Management Committee
  • Committee Member, National Sea Change Task Force

Government Relations

  • Member, Intergovernmental Relations Working Group


  • Director, Noosa Biosphere Governance Board
  • Trustee, Noosa Community Environment Trust
  • Chair, Noosa Main Beach Restoration Project
  • Chair, Cleaner Production & Sustainability of Operations Working Group, Noosa Council
  • Member, Sunshine Coast Council Alternative Waste Treatment Working Group
  • Member, Consultative Group Wide Bay Regional Coastal Management Plan


  • Member, Major Events Advisory Panel, Sunshine Coast Council
  • Company Director, Tourism Noosa Pty Ltd
  • Member, Tourism Transition Advisory Board
  • Member, Marketing and Events Committee Tourism Noosa


  • Chair, Housing Affordability Task Force, Sunshine Coast Council
  • Chair, Peregian Beach Village Streetscape Project Working Group
  • Chair, Peregian Community Centre Working Group


  • Chair, Recreation and Aquatic Strategy Working Group, Sunshine Coast Council
  • Chair, Physical Activity Strategy Working Group, Sunshine Coast Council
  • Chair, Recreation Plan Working Group, Noosa Council
  • Chair, Girraween (Sports Complex) Master Plan Working Group, Noosa Council

Tracey Hennig

Graduate Planner

Tracey joined RG Strategic in 2016 after graduating with Honours from University of the Sunshine Coast, where she got her degree in Regional and Urban Planning. Her education and work experience have provided her with an excellent understanding of the operations and responsibilities of various planning agencies across a range of regional and urban systems.

At RG Strategic, Tracey focuses on preparing and managing development applications. As a second-generation Sunshine Coast local, she sincerely values the opportunity to work with clients to create positive outcomes that are reflective of the region. On a deeper level, Tracey’s true passion for planning lies in place making and public space design.

In her downtime, Tracey enjoys practicing yoga and going for a paddle. She’s working on her surfing skills and becoming an active surf lifesaving member on the coast.

Maree Kearney

Administration Officer

In early 2019, Maree joined the RG Strategic team. With her, she brought an extensive knowledge of Local Government Building and Planning and also Private Certification procedures. Through her work experience, Maree has gained an excellent understanding of the operations and responsibilities required for Building and Planning approvals from concept to completion.

With almost 20 years professional experience, Maree assists with all facets of administration – managing and preparing applications to general operations – to ensure all client applications and enquiries are handled smoothly and effectively.

Maree moved from Brisbane to Noosa in the ‘90s with her children and husband, who was a local firefighter for Noosa Fire Station. Her main passion is to give back to the community by way of volunteering with the local Rugby Union club. Noosa Rugby Union Club is like Maree’s second home, where her husband has been maintaining the fields and clubhouse for more than 20 years. In her spare time, Maree enjoys working out at Franks Gym, just down the road in Noosa Junction.

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