Major Event Impact Assessments

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Event Impact Assessment

For a local community and government to fully embrace and support your event, it is necessary to have a complete understanding of the economic and social impacts your event will bring.

How much influence will your event have?

Forecasting these potential benefits and/or challenges is a time-consuming and detailed process, often requiring tools and human resources to which event managers may not have access.

RG Strategic has these tools, resources, and experience… in spades. Led by our director Russell, we’ve been working in the events space for more than 20 years, giving us the perspective to properly analyse new and returning events.

Building support for your event

Successful events, festivals, and sporting competitions are crucial contributors to local economies and also provide substantial social and cultural value. We assess these impacts prior to and following your event, evaluate its influence and inputs, and review any potential to improve for future years.

Following the analysis, we then bring these results to key influencers and decision-makers, further ensuring the success and longevity of your event.

RG Strategic offers clients:

  • comprehensive knowledge and experience analyzing event economic and social impacts
  • strategic advice to market major events to local consumers, trade, and media
  • advice and support to acquire new events, and to secure and grow existing events
  • an extensive network of potential event stakeholders or sponsors within local government and businesses
  • a proven track record of local government support and approval for major events

Specialising in:

  • pre- and post-event economic impact and social impact assessments
  • government and business stakeholder engagement
  • sponsorship negotiation
  • community engagement and mediation
  • growth strategies and brand alignment for major events

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