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Combining two units creates room to move.

Combining two units creates room to move.


Posted October 25, 2022
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RG Strategic’s request for a Minor Change to the Decision Notice of units 7 and 8 at 18 Park Road Noosa Heads has been approved.

The owners of the units want to join and update units 7 and 8 in the building. These units were developed in the early 1980s and were due for some TLC.

park road units external view

The units on the top floor of the complex being combined at Park Road, Noosa Heads.

The application seeks approval for some minor internal and external alterations to the existing units, including:

  • Joining units 7 and 8 to form one unit by removing an internal dividing wall;
  • Internal renovation of the unit and furnishings;
  • Connect the two individual north-facing unit balconies and add a pergola;
  • Adding a new pergola over the western-facing balcony;
  • Add new waterproofing to all balconies; and
  • Replacing windows and doors with new aluminium framed structures.
Park road unit existing floorpan

The existing floorplan shows the two units that the client wishes to combine.


New floor plan for park road.

The new floorplan for Park Road, Noosa Heads, shows how the two units are cleverly combined to make one 4-bedroom unit with the addition of a master bedroom with a large ensuite and walk-in wardrobe and the expansion of much-needed living space.

As this is a Minor Change application, RG Strategic needed to show that the change did not result in a “substantially different” development. We provided comment and evidence on nine separate factors to show the change was not substantially different, including whether the development:

  • Involved a new use;
  • Resulted in the application applying to a new parcel of land;
  • Dramatically changed the built form in terms of scale, bulk, and appearance;
  • Changed the ability of the proposal to operate as intended;
  • Removed a component that is integral to the operation of the development;
  • Significantly impacted on traffic flow and the transport network, such as increasing traffic to the site;
  • Introduced new impacts or increases the severity of known impacts;
  • Removed an incentive or offset component that would have balanced a negative impact of the development; or
  • Impacted on infrastructure provisions

The renovation is primarily internal, and the only external works are pergolas over the existing balconies.

The design replaces existing glazing resulting in an improved external appearance with no amenity impacts on the surrounding units or developments.

The development is minor in nature, is architecturally pleasing and complies with the planning scheme’s relevant Acceptable and Performance outcomes.

Council saw it the same way and approved the change.

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