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Duplex to Dual Occupancy for Edward Street

Duplex to Dual Occupancy for Edward Street


Posted December 13, 2022
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RG Strategic has submitted a development application for demolishing an existing duplex and constructing a new dual occupancy dwelling at 23 Edward Street, Noosaville.

The project proponents, Edward Street Development Pry Ltd, want to replace the aging duplex and replace it with two modern, architecturally designed three bedroom units.

Due to the demolition required by this project, it is deemed Code Assessable, and RG Strategic prepared a comprehensive report that addressed the merits of the development with regard to the provisions of the Noosa Plan 2020 and other relevant matters as prescribed in the Planning Act 2016.

Street view render of dual occupancy building in noosaville

The street view of the proposed 23 Edwards Street, Noosaville, construction highlights the minimal visual impact the new building will have due to creative design and strategic landscaping.

The following development codes are applicable to the project:

  • Noosaville Local Plan Area Code,
  • Medium Density Residential Zone Code,
  • Dual Occupancy and Multiple Dwelling Code; and
  • Works Codes including the Waste Management Code and the Water Quality and Drainage Code specifically for demolition

We found the development is appropriate and is not anticipated to impact the amenity of the locality.

Floor plans for the dual occupancy in Noosaville.

Groundfloor and first-floor plans for the three-bedroom units show the mirroring of living areas ensuring privacy for all occupants.

The development will consist of the following:

  • One unit per floor
  • Unit 1 ground floor – 124.53m²,
  • Unit 2 upper floor – 120.47m²,
  • Garage for 4 x vehicles,
  • Swimming pool on the ground floor for unit 1 and an upper-level pool for unit 2.
Render showing pool location for the ground floor unit at 23 Edward Streets, Noosaville

The 23 Edwards Street, Noosaville project will feature a pool for each unit. This render shows the location of the pool for the ground floor unit.

Render showing the first floor unit pool set at the front of the property.

The first-floor unit also features its own pool set at the front of the property, cleverly separating the outdoor living areas for the two units.

Our report illustrated the adherence of the development to Noosa Plan design parameters, including site cover, building height, plot ratio, front setbacks, car parking, landscaping and fencing. We are seeking a minor relation for rear and side setbacks where there is minor encroachment by an eave and entry rooves, respectively.

In relation to the rear setback, we argue that the design complies based on the following:

  • Does not cause any overlooking of private open space of neighbouring properties as the building is setback greater than the minimum distance required.
  • No additional noise will emanate from the subject proposal due to the eave as the building is setback greater than the minimum required.
  • Is setback sufficiently so as not to cause shading of the neighbouring property.
  • Allows sufficient space for landscaping.
  • Given the elevation faces west, it is a good built form outcome with no impacts on the surrounding properties.

As for the side entry relation sought, we argue they comply with the Planning Scheme based on the following:

  • They will not be imposing on the surrounding properties as it is not a bulky structure as it has open sides.
  • No additional noise will emanate from the site as a result of the roof as pedestrian traffic is directed to this area regardless of if being roofed or not.
  • The structure is only slightly higher than a site filled fence height and will not obstruct views.
  • Does not create overlooking of surrounding properties.
  • Landscaping is proposed in the adjoining garden, noting the structure includes a roof top garden which contributes to the overall green setting of the development.

The proposed development also complies with the intent of the Noosaville Local Plan Code and the relevant Performance and Acceptable Outcomes.

Render of exterior of the proposed dual occupancy development.

A range of materials have been proposed for the construction sympathetic to the design character of the surrounding area including a corrugated iron roof, weatherboard wall cladding, and screening battens are used for vertical and horizontal elements that create visual interest and articulation.

The architects have done a great job in ensuring the built form proposed is harmonious with the Noosaville vernacular and represents a modern riverside design. A traditional roof design has been utilised, as well as generous eaves and garden beds on the second level to suit the subtropical climate of Noosaville. The design details a variety of external materials proposed, including a corrugated iron roof, weatherboard wall cladding and screening battens for vertical and horizontal elements that create visual interest and articulation. The development has also been designed to minimise overlooking nearby properties with strategically located screens and balconies.

RG Strategic is working with the following specialists to deliver this project:

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We engaged Russell and the team at RG Strategic to consult on, and submit our application for a Material Change of Use zoning on a retail project. From the outset, Russell's advice was solid and clearly based on extensive experience and knowledge. Throughout the process we were well informed and I feel the team really took the time to understand our business, our brand and our vision. The submission itself was extensive and thorough and excellently presented. While a challenging application, Russell persisted and worked tirelessly to find a solution that eventually saw our application approved. The RG Strategic team are simply the best in the business.

Amanda Stevens
EdwardsAndCo. - Noosaville
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My partner and I own a Fitness Centre on the Northside of Brisbane City. As we are young business owners in the fitness industry, we were unaware of Brisbane City Councils zoning & change of use requirements. In the very early stages of our business, we were notified by the BCC that we needed town planning approval to continue trading in our location, and originally it looked as if our young gym was going to be forced to close. After contacting Russell at RG Strategic, our minds and stresses were immediately put at ease. We trusted that he would find a way to make it work for us, and through his amazing knowledge of Town Planning and development application needs, he was able to secure a permanent town planning approval for our location. We cannot recommend his services enough! Throughout the whole process, RG Strategic has handled our case with the utmost care and communication, so that we were able to continue to focus on building our business, whilst they attended to the needed requirements of the development application and subsequent town planning approval. We have managed to stay stress-free and cannot thank RG Strategic enough!

Josiah de Weger
HIIT Station - Geebung
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RG Strategic were prompt, professional and courteous in their dealings with my initial town planning enquiries. They undertook a fee-free review based on my initial request, which is part of the service they offer - providing all clients with a 30min appraisal free of charge. I know where to go when I next need future town planning advice. Thanks again.

Rosie Crumblin
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Russell is a fantastic Town Planning Consultant! We are very grateful for his expertise.

Bridget Thompson
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