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Even small changes may need approval

Even small changes may need approval


Posted August 1, 2022
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Sometimes, even changes to a building, that in the scheme of things appear small, will need to be approved by your local council before you can proceed.

RG Strategic lodged a town planning application for the Minor Change for the addition of a cabana structure in the existing pool area for Unit 1 at Artis Villas, Noosa Drive.

With the approval also came new stipulations from Council, including the usual stipulation that the development must be undertaken and operated in a manner that causes no detrimental effect upon the amenity of the neighbourhood by reason of the creation of excessive noise, lighting nuisance or other emissions.

In addition:

  • The rooftop terrace cabana roof structure must remain unenclosed; and
  • The rooftop terrace cabana roof structure must not exceed a maximum of 2.5 m in height above the existing FFL of the rooftop terrace and not exceed 38 m² of the rooftop area.
3D render of open roofed poolside cabana

The proposed design for the cabana at Artis Villas, features an open roof design, which Council, in their approval of the project, stipulated must remain

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