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Change will see pokies removed from yacht club

Change will see pokies removed from yacht club


Posted September 7, 2022
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RG Strategic has received approval for an application for a Minor Change and revision of the Conditions of the prior Decision Notice on behalf of the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club.

The application sought minor changes to the internal layout, including:

  • The use of the small new deck extension for dining;
  • Relocating the bar to adjoin the existing kitchen;
  • Removing the gaming room (poker machines) and replace it with dining, and
  • Enclosing the rear deck and use the area for storage.

The proposal resulted in an increase of 52m² of Use Area (12m² storage + 40m² deck); however, for the purpose of calculating carparking demand, the total increase in Use area is only 40m² as the storage area is excluded from Use Area.

yacht club renovation

The approved renovation of the Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club will see pokies make way for more dining space, with the club deciding to remove all pokies from the premises.


NYRC deck to be used for dining

As part of the approved application, Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club propose using an exterior deck extension for dining.


RG Strategic drafted the proposal showing the Minor Change is consistent with the intent of the original approval and the Planning Scheme. The proposal resulted in an improved internal configuration and:

  • The selling of food and drink remains an integrated part of the club, supporting the primary use, which is the active outdoor recreation use of sailing and rowing;
  • The club is REMOVING ALL GAMING MACHINES from the premises, which results in real benefit to the community;
  • Provides essential community infrastructure contributing to the social fabric of Noosa;
  • The whole of the lower floor and surrounding open areas are used for the storage of boats, gear, first aid, change rooms and ablutions;
  • There will not be any additional noise to that which already exists. The new deck’s location faces the river car parking and Pirate Park, and any noise emanating from the site does not impact any sensitive land uses.
  • Carparking on site is sufficient for the intended use.

RG Strategic worked with the following specialists to deliver this project:

Town Planning Expertise

RG Strategic is your town planning expert with decades of on-council and on-the-ground experience. Contact us today for all your town planning needs.

I was faced with the urgent task of applying for a food license with a very tight deadline. After assessing the overwhelming amount of paperwork involved, I decided to engage in the services of RG Strategic. I phoned Russell Green at 5.00pm on Thursday afternoon. He put my mind at ease on the spot, Russell was on site at 8.00am the next morning to start the process. From that point I did not need to do anything further. Russell and his amazing team handled the entire process from filling in the paperwork, organising elevated drawings and providing all of the relevant documentation needed for the application. My understanding from the council was this process would take 28 days from the time the application was submitted, plus the time to prepare the documentation. This would have taken me at least 2 weeks. From my first phone contact with Russell we had a license approval after 12 days. I could not recommend Russell and his team highly enough. I will be using RG Strategic for many years to come.

Matthew George
Revolution Sports Park - North Lakes
Star Star Star Star Star

Very easy and smooth handling for my restaurant liquor license. Everything taken care of well and on time. Great service and value for money.

Gary Roy
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Russell and his team were fantastic with our application. They knew the processes and protocols from start to finish. When a hurdle arose, Russell stepped us through the procedures required one by one. We can't thank Russell enough for his professional and personal approach to our application.

Gezim Bashi
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I’m a great believer you engage an expert to achieve outstanding results. I engaged Russell Green of RG Strategic for external and internal alterations to my Noosaville property. Russell’s experience in Town Planning, Council requirements and codes, Strata rules and By-Laws, plus his wealth of building knowledge all contributed to approval of my project, first time around. I’ve already recommended Russell and his team to clients and friends wishing to plan and execute building works.

Tony Dowling
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