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Draft Local Law Short Term Accommodation – Public Comment

Draft Local Law Short Term Accommodation – Public Comment

Posted 11 April 2021

Noosa Plan 2020, Town Planning

Noosa Council has opened up the proposed changes to Short Stay Accommodation laws for public comment.

As outlined in our previous short stay accommodation article these changes can have a huge impact on owners and operators of short stay accommodation options in Noosa.

You only have until 14 May to submit your concerns and comments for consideration by Council.

With an in-depth local understanding of, expertise in interpreting and insight into the Noosa Plan RG Strategic is your go-to town planner for local laws advice. RG Strategic are preparing several submissions to Noosa Council on this topic and can assist you to formulate and articulate your concerns and arguments ensuring they receive full consideration by Council.

We are currently offering a 30-minute free consultation to help you identify how the changes may affect your operation. There is no doubt that if left unchallenged, these changes will affect operators of everything from Airbnb, Bed and Breakfast, and even CouchSurfing offerings.

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The statement of public notification released by Noosa Council is shown below:

9 April 2021

Proposed local law – Short Stay Letting and Home Hosted Accommodation (revised)


In November 2019, Council publicly notified a proposed local law for short stay letting.

A number of written submissions were received which identified a range of issues relevant to both the proposed local law and the then draft Noosa Plan 2020.

A revised local law has now been prepared proposing a number of changes, having considered public submissions, legal advice, stakeholder engagement and internal staff review.

Purpose of the proposed local law and subordinate local law 2021

The proposed local law aims to manage the potential impacts of short stay letting and home hosted accommodation on the residential amenity of permanent residents by requiring a local management framework and code of conduct for guest behaviour and minimum safety standards for guests.

What will the proposed local law and subordinate local law 2021 do?

The proposed local law will regulate the ongoing operation of short stay letting and home hosted accommodation.

A one-off application and annual renewal is required for a premises used for short stay letting or home hosted accommodation.

Exemptions are proposed for certain sites identified in Noosa Plan 2020 as visitor only, the Hastings St Mixed Use Precinct, hotels, motels, backpacker accommodation and holiday houses not used for short stay letting.

A local contact person must manage a short stay let premises, be available 24/7, be located within 20 minutes travel and respond to complaints within 30 minutes.

A code of conduct will be introduced for guest behaviour. Use of the premises must not detrimentally affect residential amenity including noise, overlooking and light spill; guests must not display unacceptable behaviour; vehicles must be stored to not cause a nuisance; pets and waste are managed; grounds kept tidy; and sleeping or camping in a tent or caravan on site is not permitted.

Public notification, public interest test plan and submissions

The proposed local law and public interest test plan is on public notification from Friday 9 April to Friday 14 May 2021 during which time written submissions may be made. Submissions must be received on or before Friday 14 May 2021 and may be sent to or PO Box 141, Tewantin 4565.

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