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“In our business of building renovations and construction, we often turn to professional consultants to guide us through the ever-changing rules that apply to this complex industry. RG Strategic with Russell Green leading his team has helped us through many of our projects… none of which could have been successful without the invaluable assistance of Russell.”
Di Henshall, Di Henshall Interior Design and Resident Hero


Are you in need of a guide to help navigate complex planning and development regulations and processes? Have you begun the local government application process for your build, but are unsure of the best next steps?

With the team at RG Strategic on your side, you’ll not only have confidence in following the proper procedure, but confidence in getting the approval you need to move your project ahead.

We are proud to have a 100% success rate with the development and planning applications we have worked on with clients. These clients cover a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial businesses, and their projects range in size, budget, and complexity.

To ensure we achieve these results, we collaborate with an array of specialist consultants, including architects, designers, traffic engineers, environmental consultants, and more. We will build the best team of experts for your business’s planning and development project.

RG Strategic offers clients:

  • support to develop projects that create and reinforce excellent town planning outcomes, including conceptual and technical input from start to finish
  • strategic advice on town planning assessment
  • a detailed understanding of council and government requirements and processes
  • an extensive network of contacts within industry and all levels of government
  • expert knowledge in a breadth of local and regional industries
  • a proven ability to achieve results

Specialising in:

  • town planning advice and support
  • proposal and application review
  • conflict resolution and mediation
  • expert witness for planning appeals
RG Strategic

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