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“Russell’s experience and demonstrated knowledge of major events from inception through to post-event evaluation is comprehensive and professional.”
Garth Prowd OAM


With the growing appeal of destination events, many organisations and event management companies are bringing major events, festivals, and competitions to both the beaches, valleys and mountains of Queensland and New South Wales.

While an event concept may be appealing and well-organised, what many events managers often miss is a connection to the local community.

It is locals’ opinions and feedback that determine whether an event can proceed or return in following years. Everyone from the resident living near the finish line, the business owner using the same parking garage, to the Councilors and Mayor who ultimately grant permission for these events; each of these individuals matter and their expectations must be managed to ensure an event’s success and longevity.

To help guide your next major event, RG Strategic has not only the in-depth understanding of and experience liaising with these communities, but also established relationships with government stakeholders and local businesses from Townsville to Gympie to Sydney and beyond.

We are familiar with all aspects of major events, from high-level planning, logistics and branding, to ‘nitty-gritty’ practical infrastructure provisions, financial concerns, and requirements for social impact assessments.

Russell and our team have a clear understanding of event feasibility and alignment with local and regional branding, business plans and adopted strategies. With this beneficial knowledge on your side, your event will better engage the community and rally support, involvement, and excitement.

RG Strategic offers clients:

  • operational planning, infrastructure, and budgeting support for major events
  • strategic advice to market major events to local consumers, trade, and media
  • advice and support to acquire new events, and to secure and grow existing events
  • an extensive network of potential event stakeholders or sponsors within local government and businesses
  • detailed understanding of event planning from conception to final delivery
  • a proven track record of local government support and approval for major events

Specialising in:

  • strategy, operational planning, and budgeting documents for major events
  • growth strategies, securing funding, and brand alignment for major events
  • government and business stakeholder management
  • community engagement and mediation
  • sponsorship negotiation
  • pre- and post-event economic impact and social impact assessments
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