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Creative thinking, implementing strategies

Strategy and Policy

Much of Russell’s local government work involved creating and contributing to ‘big picture’ strategies and policies that set the direction for activities and development at regional level — and sometimes beyond.

These ranged from the 2006 Noosa Plan, to a Regional Major Events Strategy for the Sunshine Coast and a national coordinated response to the ‘sea change’ phenomenon. The Sunshine Coast Councils Planning Scheme due to be gazetted in April of 2014 was developed, written and reviewed under Russell’s watch as head of the Strategy and Planning Portfolio.

Russell is experienced in collaborating with others to create robust processes that produce realistic, effective strategies and policies. He’s pleased to now offer this service to clients who are looking to develop high-level documents of a similar kind.

At project level, Russell is also skilled in developing strategies to help you achieve your business goals. Using RG Strategic’s 4-Phase Diagnostic Planning Framework, he will gather and analyse data to develop a targeted strategy aligned to your priorities.

Russell offers his clients:

  • skills in assessing demographic trends, technical  data and policy priorities as inputs to high-level strategies and policies
  • skills in consulting with the community on strategies and policies
  • a detailed understanding of existing local, state and federal strategies and policies
  • practical project strategies to achieve business goals.

Specialising in:

  • regional and community strategies and policies
  • tailored strategies for individual businesses and projects
  • alignment of strategies with kpi or operational requirements
RG Strategic

Selected strategy and policy experience

For Sunshine Coast Council

  • Regional Major Events Strategy
  • 10-Year Regional Tourism Plan
  • Open Space Strategy
  • Sport and Active Recreation Strategy
  • Sunshine Coast Aquatics Strategy 2010–2026

For Noosa Shire Council

  • 1997 Noosa Strategic Plan
  • 2006 Noosa Plan
  • Noosa River Plan
  • Sport and Recreation Plan 2004–2016
  • Noosa Social Plan

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