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Creative thinking, implementing strategies

Steering your town planning, liquor licensing or tourism project through concept, development and approval can seem slow and frustrating — but it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you’re in business, time is money.

Imagine having an expert in your corner who can help you achieve your goals smoothly and efficiently.

Someone who not only understands the process of town planning and governments, but who is acknowledged as leader in project engagement and advocacy.

An expert who knows exactly what’s required, who to consult, and how to speak the language of decision-makers every step of the way.

An expert who can lead a team with the necessary track record and experience for successful delivery of your initiative.

An expert who will think creatively about your project and your priorities, and help you implement a tailored strategy designed to achieve success.

RG Strategic can give you all of this — and more.


RG Strategic’s Director is Russell Green — a former local government councillor with more than 16 years’ experience in high-level town planning, liquor licensing, tourism, engagement and strategy development roles.

A respected leader in the town planning and tourism community, Russell’s council responsibilities included heading up the town planning portfolios for both Noosa and Sunshine Coast councils; driving and developing regional planning schemes and strategies; reform of LTO and RTO operating structures and delivery models and sitting on numerous statewide planning committees and boards.

RG Strategic now offers their clients unique strategic town planning insights and expertise, combined with a practical, hands-on approach designed to achieve your goals sooner.

Whether you’re seeking review and evaluation of tourism structure and major events economic and social impacts; town planning approval for a project; liquor licensing for your venue; a strategy for your community or your business; or expert advice on the best way to talk to government decision-makers — RG Strategic can help.


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