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At various points in the planning process, there may be opportunities to discuss your project with decision-makers. At these times, wouldn’t you like to have a respected adviser who really understands how decision-makers think?

Russell’s many years of local government experience mean that he understands the concerns and priorities of professional staff and elected representatives — and he is well-respected by them.

He also knows which decision-makers to approach on particular issues, how to approach them in a constructive and productive way and when to best engage so as to be effective and successful in delivering your outcomes.

Many projects also require advocacy with stakeholder groups. In his council roles, Russell was well-known for his hands-on approach to community consultation, presenting information sessions to local residents, business-people, interest groups, and others. He can advise you on the best way to successfully engage stakeholders around your project.

Russell offers his clients:

  • a thorough knowledge of key decision-makers
  • a respected voice and longstanding relationships in the tourism, planning and sport and recreation community
  • advice and support in engaging stakeholders.

Specialising in:

  • identifying optimal decision-making paths for particular projects
  • supporting proponents to prepare for meetings with decision-makers
  • policy and document review
  • preparing and implementing stakeholder engagement strategies.
  • targeted engagement and information sharing with specific interest groups
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